Badminton Racquet Guide: decide the correct racquet to suit your playing style

Badminton Racquet Guide: decide the correct racquet to suit your playing style

Badminton Racquet Guide: decide the correct racquet to suit your playing style has become one of the most recognized item and the No 1 choice for Badminton and Tennis racquets. Yonex Nanoscience technology achieves accurate power over the racquet functions at the molecular level, creating diverse technology of the rackets to suit the player game. Yonex is recognized for creating the technology driven ultra light weight stronger as well as more stable racquet for the maximum power, speed as well as control.

Badminton Racquet Guide: decide the correct racquet to suit your playing style

Badminton Racquet Guide: decide the correct racquet to suit your playing style
Badminton Racquet Guide: decide the correct racquet to suit your playing style

Yonex has designed diverse badminton racquets as well as Tennis racquets to ensemble different playing styles. With the Yonex racquet matrix one can decide the perfect racquet. This   writing will assist you better understand the different series of badminton racket that Yonex has to proffer based on Yonex badminton racket selection matrix so that you can decide the correct racket to ensemble your game style.

Guide to choosing the racquet to suit your game

Yonex badminton racquets come in different series with different technologies to match different playing style

Yonex Muscle Power Racquet Series

Yonex Muscle Power series rackets are suitable for the players who seek fast movement along with effortless power with an ease feeling. The racquets with its unique frame construction and strings arranged on rounded archways make the frame, as well as string, work effortlessly with minimum stress.Isometric Technology in Muscle Power Series: Enlarged Sweet spot with consistent accuracy even on off-centre shots

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Yonex Carbonex Series

Yonex Carbonex rackets, with its round shape head and box shape frame from the cross-section, are great for players who seek a solid feel from their rackets on shuttle impact. With Yonex Carbonex series are very stable racket with uniform load distribution system to launch the perfect, the precise, the powerful shots

Yonex Arcsaber Series:

With Yonex Arc Saber series, players can seek greater accuracy, control and power. The Arcsaber frame is designed to flex at the point of impact to hold the shuttlecock longer on the sting beds. By storing as well as releasing energy, Arcsaber delivers super racket control and precise shot-making for players. Arcsaber racket utilize Yonex’s Exclusive Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotubes technology which are positioned on the sides of the racket to provide frame elasticity for enhanced control along with power.

Yonex Voltric rackets are perfect for players seeking exceptional all round performance. Valrico’s Exclusive TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM provides combination of exceptional power along with fast racket handling capability.



Stiff racket structure at the top of the frame allow the head to bend in a very controlled way and helps hold shuttle on the string bed for longer. The thin frame side then allows the frame to flex more, enabling transfer of more energy to shuttlecock. This allow you to smash with instant power


Weight is well balanced on the top of the frame and at the joint area to provide great racket handling capability while also maintaining power. The thin sides of the frame and at the top of the head abridged air resistance as well as develop the handling even further. Voltric respond instantly even with the subtle movements.

VOLTRIC -STRONG SOUND Yonex Sound Filter Technology reduces high pitched as well as dull sound waves along with produces a louder and sharper sound on impact to unsettle opponents

Yonex Nanoray Series:

Nanoray Series rackets are all about speed and Maneuverability.   Meant for attacking player who force their opponents into the back of the court with extreme speed. Many rackets in this series have a revolutionary Frame design where the top of the frame is thin and aerodynamic and the lower part is and thicker and Strong. X-FULLERENE as well as FULLERENE material is added into the frame to add in stiffness without to fuel repulsion power without adding weight to the racket

Yonex Nanospeed Series:

Yonex’s NANOSPEED is most ‘head-light’ series of Yonex badminton rackets. Designed to deliver fast and controlled swing with enhanced repulsion via the Aerodynamic Frame. Nanospeed rackets are ultra-lightweight rackets which are thinner, stronger and stable for maximum swing speed energy and power.

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