In today’s stressful environment you need some time for relaxing. For this you need to play the game that gives you fun and entertainment like Handball. There is variety of games to be played and enjoyed. Even born child like to play. All the age group people enjoy playing with their friends. So spend some time for playing and relaxing.


Even you can spend playing at online. At online you can play many games that give you better relaxation. Games like handball, volleyball, basketball is loved and enjoyed by all to play. In this article you are going to gain information about handball and its rules and regulations. Moreover you can learn to play by reading this article.


About the game:

Handball is one of the most popular game in Europe.it is the sport played by seven players by passing the ball with the help of their hands. Aim of the game is that a player wants to set the goal by passing into the net. This game is the fastest game. You can play with the help of your body when a defender attacks you. This game is the international game and can be played both indoor and outdoor activities. Near to the goal point only opponent team goalkeeper is allowed. Goals can be scored by throwing the ball outside the zone.

How to play handball?

For playing handball team has to shoot, dribble the ball, and pass to score the points. Following are steps to learn how to play handball

  • Always get familiar with size of handball court
  • Seven players including goal keeper. Players should know how to handle the ball.
  • You should practice by throwing the ball to the net
  • You should play at the correct length of time.
  • Practice the ball by passing and dribbling.

Rules of the game:

Under international handball federation rules are announced and organized. To win the game you should follow the rules. If you follow the rules only the competition will be fair and enjoyed by all the people. Umpire and other official members of this game will take part in maintain the rules. The rules and regulations are

  • Match should be conducted in the period of 30 minutes each.
  • There should be seven players including goal keeper and outfield players.
  • Players from outfield can touch the ball with the help of their body that should be above knee.
  • Goalkeeper should be in contact only in the goal area and sometimes allowed outside from his area.
  • If the player receives the ball he or she can dribble the ball up to three times.
  • If the player receives he can pass or dribble the ball.

Progressive punishments:

Punishment is awarded in this game when player not followed the rules. There will be given severe punishments to the players and they are

  • Warnings – to the team only three times warning is allowed. To the player only one time warning card will be given for violating the rules. If the player exceeds more than that then player will be suspended for two minutes. If there are severe rule violation there will be adding of substitution instead of him.
  • Disqualification and exclusion – if two minutes suspension is given then it is called disqualification. If the player receives three yellow cards he must leave the court. If the player leaves, team can replace substitution after the expire of suspension.

Benefits of playing handball:

Even you do small work you will be expecting benefit for that. Likewise playing handball gives you more benefits like

  • Playing handball gives you full body workout
  • Increases cardio vascular movements
  • Keeps heart healthy
  • Improves mental focus and self-confidence.

Unlike other sports you can play this handball game throughout your life time. It is the injury free sport reported by all people. If you follow simple strength programs you can play this game effectively.

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