Hockey 2

Hockey 2

Hockey 2 is a game in which two teams playing against each other tries to take the ball up to the opponent’s goal using a hockey stick. This game is played by curbed stick and a ball. The game can be played on a grass field or a turf field and also on any indoor board surface.

Hockey 2

Each team plays with eleven players including the goalie . Each player use a stick made up of wood, carbon fibre, fiberglass or a combination of carbon fibre and fibre glass to hit a round shape ball.

Hockey 2
Hockey 2


The game is played by two teams of eleven players only. No player is allowed to touch the ball with hand except the goalie or kick the ball. An international match consists of two periods of 35 minutes and a halftime interval of five minutes. The team which scores more goal within this time period is declared as winner. If no goal is scored within this time period than the game is declared as a tie. But this thing may vary from league to league. Even in some leagues and tournaments an extra period known as ‘overtime’ is also played if the match is tied. The team which score more goal in overtime is announced as winner.


Umpires plays a very important role in game of hockey. There are two Umpires on the field each controlling half field. An umpire can give a card to any player who has commits a repeated foul. There are three types of cards –Green, Yellow and Red. Green cards indicates a warning to any player to stop whatever he is doing. Yellow card temporarily suspends a player for some time from the game while the red card suspend the player for the whole game.

The umpire uses the whistle to keep the game moving smoothly. The umpire also uses his hands signals to indicate the specifics of the call.


Hockey is played on a rectangular field with the length of 91.4 m and 55 m wide. Two goal post are placed facing each other at the end of two short sides. The post is 2.14 m high and 3.66 m wide. A line is drawn at centre of the pitch. In each half, another parallel line is drawn at a distance of 22.9 meters from the centre. Circles are marked with lines 3.66 m long inside the field around the goals and opposite of the centre of the backline. Penalty spots 150 mm in diameter are marked in front of the centre of each goal 6.4 m from the inner edge of the goal line.


The biggest two hockey tournaments are the Olympic Games tournament and the Hockey World Cup.Both of these tournaments are played after every 4 years. There is also a Champions Trophy held each year. Field hockey has also been played at the Commonwealth Games since 1998.The Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament and Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Hockey Tournament is played by the junior teams. Hockey is also a Olympics sports. The Indian Hockey Federation also arranges a domestic league known as Premier Hockey League (PHL). This league has been played since 2005.

Famous Personalities

Hockey is our national game and has also loved by our youth. Dhyan Chand, Balbir Singh Sr., Mohammed Shahid, Dhanraj Pillay, Ajit Pal Singh, Udham Singh, GaganAjit Singh, PrabodhTirkey, DilipTirkey, Ashok Kumar, Leslie Claudius andBabooNirmalare few well known Indian hockey players. Ritu Singh, Jaspreet Kaur, Savita Poonia, JyotiSunitaKullu,Subhadra Pradhan, AnupaBarla, SushilaChanuPukhrambam, Amandeep Kaur and PunamBarla are few Indian daughters who have make our nation proud.

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