Sport is the all form of games. Usually it helps in developing and maintaining physical activities of the person. Try to play Hockey. Not only participants it also gives enjoyment and entertainment for non-participant. It is governed by set of rules to make the game to be fair. Sports give relaxation to your mind by concentrating on playing.


Playing this game is the interesting game and it is the national game of India. It is played and enjoyed by all the people in the world. Because of playing you can find amusement and entertaining. In this article you can get information about the game and different forms of hockey be playing all over the world.


About the game:

Hockey is played with the help of curved sticks and a ball. It can be played both indoor and outdoor activity. The game is played between two teams. The aim of this game to hit the ball on to the opponent goal point using the hockey stick. There are different forms of hockey been playing around the world. Opponent team is called defender team. They used to stop the ball entering onto the goal point and they move the ball to their goal point. By moving here and there you need to hit the ball to the net. Officially winners are announced who has the more points.

Rules and regulations:

In each and every game there will be rules to be followed. If the competition is to be fair then player should follow the rules. The rule of this game is under the board of international hockey federation. It only produces rule for both indoor and outdoor activities. Rules are

  • Team should consists of 11 players with 6 substitutes
  • Each and every player should consist of hockey stick to hit the ball
  • Goal is scored when the ball hit the goal point in the distance of 16 yard.
  • Ball should be passed only with the help of hockey stick. Ball should not make contact with any other part of the body.
  • Foul is announced when the player cause any harm to another player, hockey stick is raised above waist.

Other forms of hockey:

Hockey is the national game and it is classified into different forms. Players will play their interested one. Each form has special identity and rules to play and enjoy. The different forms of hockey are

  • Bandy – it is the national sport of Russia. It is also called as Russian is played with the ball like in a football sized ice area.
  • Field  – it is the national sport of India and Pakistan. It is played in natural grass, sand based or water can be played by both men and women. In this hockey play stick is made up of glass fibre, wood or carbon fibre.
  • Ice  – it is the national sport of Latvia. This game is played in ice by using has number of levels and played by all age group people. Ice hockey sticks looks like j-shaped and made up of graphite.
  • Roller – it is same as ice hockey but is played three 15 minutes period.
  • Sledge  – this type is as same as ice hockey but only disabilities people have to play. Players will sit on sledges and use their stick to pass the ball. Stick consists of blade at one end and picks at another end.

Hockey at health benefits:

Hockey is the sport helps in maintaining the body to stay fit and it helps in variety of health related problems. The benefits are as follows

  • Helps in reducing the body weight
  • Develops the cardiovascular system
  • Improves muscle strength and communication
  • Develops the spirit of your work
  • Coordination skills are improved.

Finally this is the wonderful game and interesting game to be played with your friends.

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