How to Distinguish Fake from Legit Slot Machines?

Ever wondered what the worst thing that could happen to you when playing slots in a casino is? Do you know how to distinguish fake from legit slot machines? It isn’t losing big money or being on a losing streak, though these could be effects of that worst thing: fake slots. Both online slots and actual slot machines open players to the risks of a fake slot, so it’s essential that you know if a slot is fake. Detecting a fake slot takes careful inspection, so take note of the following details to check both in online and actual slots.

How to Distinguish Fake from Legit Slot Machines?

Fake Online Slots

Despite other’s claim that detecting fake online slots is difficult, there are numerous signs you can see from fake slots. If you feel in your guts that an online slot is a scam, then better check it yourself.

It’s easy to distinguish a fake slot with the game’s graphics and animations. If these are noticeably low in quality, then consider it a sign. You could sensibly see if something is not right with a game’s graphics. This also applies to the game’s initial loading screen. You can compare them at Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website and the website that you think is fake.

Counterfeit online slots also feature a significant difference in their in-game rules. If the set of rules of a certain game is noticeably different, and if there is a difference in the normal paytable, then the version you are currently playing is most likely a scam. The change of rules is easier to detect when you already mastered a certain game, and then you noticed that something has changed. Take note that counterfeit slot machines may also exist following the name of a legit casino.

A guaranteed way of ensuring a fake slot is inspecting the game server used for its gaming transactions. Knowing the name may help. It’s better to do this even before signing in for the online casino. However, most gaming providers do not publish their game servers, but if ever they do, it’s safest to check it.

How to Distinguish Fake from Legit Slot Machines?
How to Distinguish Fake from Legit Slot Machines?

Fake Slot Machines

Fake slots hurt both the casino’s budget and its players’ odds of winning. Before anything else, it’s good for you to know that the following slot machine models have been reproduced already: Mills War Eagle, Mills Golden Nugget, Mills Castle Front, Mills Bursting Cherry (AKA Brown Front), Mills Wolf Head (AKA Lion Head), Mills Hightop, Watling Treasury and Watling Rol-A-Top. So before playing a slot machine, or before purchasing one, inspect the machine for signs of its production.

Inspect the machine itself. If all the castings, the wood base and sides, and the mechanism look all brand new, chances are them it is a fake one. If the door has nice sharp edges and a very clean mechanism, then consider it a new machine. Most people focus on the outside of the machine when restoring it. However, it’s easy to tell the age of the machine even when it’s restored.

Additionally, inspect the details of the machine parts. The back doors of the authentic machines are usually made of heavy gauge steel, while the slides are brass. Although some reproducers already use the same metals in making fakes, it’s handy to get away from a machine with parts made of plastic.

Also, reproduced machines do not have serial numbers. So when purchasing a slot machine, ask the seller for the serial number. This is an easy way to distinguish the fake slots.

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