Introduction to Betting Systems

Introduction to Betting Systems

You may hear about introduction to betting systems if you are a gambler. The proponents of these betting systems claim that if you want to be a successful gambler, then you should buy these betting systems. First of all we need to understand that what exactly are the betting systems all about and how actually they work.

A betting system refers to a method that allows you to adjust your bids in a series of games where there are multiple bids which needs to be adjusted carefully which seems to be lucrative. There are many betting systems which are touted as the only way to success by its inventors or sellers etc.

Introduction to Betting Systems

Introduction to Betting Systems
Introduction to Betting Systems

Some of the betting systems are based on your record that is win-lose record during the game session. For instance, there is a ‘negative progression system’ such as Martingale betting system that requires you the gamblers to bet less money when they win the game and bet more when the loose the game. If you are placing a wager of $1 and you loose then you suppose to bet $2 on the next game. If you win then you will get back what you have lost which in this case is $2. IF you loose $4 again then you will again bet the double of $4 and so on.

However, the objective behind Martingale betting system is to recover your lost money by betting more and more each time but it contains two flaws. First, it requires you to have a very large amount of money while second, most of the gambling games have a certain limit to place a bid on which in this case, is not applicable so it makes the martingale betting system unusual.

In contrast, there is also a ‘positive progression system’ that requires the gambler to bet more money when they win and bet less when the loose. This is generally more safer than the previous one. When you win money in a betting then you are likely to bet that money as well in the gambling game.

Patterns on Betting System

Some of the betting systems also follow a specific pattern such as 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 which means that first bet 1 unit, then move on to bet on 2 units, later on 3 and so on. You can also make your numbers on which you think you are more lucky.

One thing that we really need to think to understand about these betting systems is that no matter what betting system is it, it never changes the odds of the game. For instance, the house edge is 4 percent which in the case of betting system will also be 4 percent. The betting systems only help you in managing your bets.

Many betting systems are unfortunately based on the past results which predicts the outcome of the game thereby, severly hampering the current strategy and struggle of the gambler in the ongoing game. For instance, a betting system may be based on the premise to espace the game upon loosing three times in a row. This makes the betting very much vague because you are more likely to win the next game if already lost three games. The gamblers usually do not keep a track of the games won or lost but they keep on going so the result of the previous games does not affect the future outcome of their games.

The ultimate reality is that none of the betting system does not ensure your won. If it was true, then the inventors or the sellers of these betting systems would have been the millionaires themselves rather than selling e-books on various sites.

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