Online Betting Laws For Malaysians

Online Betting Laws For Malaysians

Compared to all Asian countries, Malaysia consider as the highest growth number of online betting industry. With growth number of bettors, some international casino sites consider ringgit as the main currency. How is online betting laws for Malaysian? Do the government permit the activity? Read the information below to obtain the clear information.

Online Betting Laws For Malaysians

Online Betting Laws For Malaysians
Online Betting Laws For Malaysians

Great Online Betting Market

Online betting investor have a high interest to invest the money on Malaysia. Even though Moslem is majority in Malaysia, it does not mean that the growth number in Malaysia is quite low. In reality, the numbers of Malaysia bettors who play in major international casino sites increase rapidly every month. Of course, it gives a huge chance for investor to develop their business in Malaysia.

Apparently, Malaysia bettors love to put wagers on online sport betting can go to Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site. Badminton is the most popular sports in Malaysia and have many achievement compared to other sports. However, some surveys show that soccer gains its popularity among online bettors. Hundreds of ringgit wagered at online sports betting is on soccer match in Malaysia league, regional cup and popular league as well as English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and etc. Moreover, AFF Cup, South East Asian football cup, is a great cup for international casino site to gain much cash from Malaysia bettors.

Malaysia Betting Law

Muslim is a major religion in Malaysia, consequently both online and offline betting activities is strictly legal. There are two salient laws what forms betting activities is legal or illegal in Malaysia.

Betting Act 1953 is the most popular and important law in Malaysia. This is the first law which regulate betting activity in Malaysia. This law amended for six time repetitively, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1989, 1992, and 2006. Betting Act 1953 is about 20 pages which will sentence everyone for operating betting activity. Moreover, one chapter gives a penalty up to 20.000 ringgit and maximum five years in jail for those who play or get involved with betting activities.

Sharia Law is a Muslim mandatory action which does not tolerate with any single betting activity. Malaysia constitution creates sharia as the mandatory law for all Malays. Even though non-Muslim people, India, Chinese, and other are not bound as the main prerequisite, they cannot play and do the betting activity freely. Malaysia constitution considers Shariah courts. Thus, it is hard to get involve with single betting activity in Malaysia.

The Prospect of Online Betting in Malaysia

It still hard to determine how the future of online betting in Malaysia. Debates has continued since there is no absolute answer whether Malaysia constitution should use Sharia, secular or both. In secular view, Sharia law should not apply to the non-Muslim people. In other words, online betting site and a land based casino is allowed and legal for Chinese, India and other non-Muslim people.

But one thing is for sure, sites such as Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia can be your best option if you want to have a safe and secured betting experience.

Online betting site is an easy media to gain much cash and happiness in a moment. We suggest that you play in international sites. Besides all Malaysia casino site is illegal, bettors are avoid from consequences of online betting laws for Malaysian.

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