Online Sic Bo Instructions to Win and Keep Your Bankroll Alive

Online Sic Bo Instructions to Win and Keep Your Bankroll Alive

The use of dice in any game serves the purpose of introducing an element of chance to that game. There is so much that affects the outcome of the roll of a die, for instance, the effects of gravity on the die, the air resistance it has to face, the friction of the table it is to be rolled on and the initial position of the die. All these factors combined make the outcome of the roll almost completely random. Considering so many factors are involved in the simple roll of a die, it is difficult, if not impossible, to formulate tactics that you can apply to a die based game. It is safe to conclude that in such games where dice are used luck tends to play the major role. One of this games is sic bo, a new game for some people so here are some  online sic bo instructions to win and keep your bankroll alive.

Online Sic Bo Instructions to Win and Keep Your Bankroll Alive

Sic Bo is one of the two casino games at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia that banks on the throwing of 3 familiar 6-sided cube dice which renders it almost impossible to predict, with even an ounce of certainty, the outcome of the dice at any given instance, in turn, making Sic Bo strictly a game of chance. Every roll of the dice in Sic Bo results in a win or loss on the gambler’s bet of choosing. At times, players waste their efforts on seeking out some Sic Bo strategy that they can use to improve their chances of getting the desired numbers on the dice, but it always leads to a dead end.

Online Sic Bo Instructions to Win and Keep Your Bankroll Alive
Online Sic Bo Instructions to Win and Keep Your Bankroll Alive

Since Sic Bo is hinged entirely on pure chance, there is not much you can do to give yourself an opportunity to maximize payouts but there are certain strategies you can follow to suit your style of play and keep your bankroll alive. There are three ways you can approach Sic Bo:

Low-Risk Strategy:

This strategy is designed keeping in mind gamblers with smaller bankrolls and novices. This strategy utilizes the small, big and combination bets. The small bet covers a combined result of between 4 and 10, while the big bet covers a combined total of between 11 and 17. And, the Combination bet involves any two specific numbers that the bettor must specify. The odds against and the payout for combination bet winning are 6 to 1.

Medium Risk Strategy:

Once you get to grips with the low-risk strategy, you can move on to multiple bets. A multiple bet includes betting on various likely outcomes, which involves the repetition of a specific number compatible with the small or big bet range of totals. For instance; if you bet on a double 2, you can side by side bet on a three-dice total of between 4 and 10, since 2+2+(1,2,3,4,5,6) will always equal a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10. Utilizing this method, you can multiply your winnings with considerable payout rates.

High-Risk Strategy:

This strategy utilizes the same multiple bets as the medium risk strategy, only the difference is that in this case, instead of betting on a result between the ranges of 4 to 10 or 11 to 17, you have to bet on a specific figure for the total of the 3 dice. This is hard to pull off, therefore it requires a healthy bankroll, but the payout for this kind of bet is a whole lot higher too.

In conclusion, the only thing the above strategies help you with is paying close attention to what kind of bets you should place according to your bankroll, so you can play Sic Bo the way that’s most suitable for you.

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